Used RFPP RF10S #9179765 for sale

ID: 9179765
Vintage: 1998
RF generator Part number 7520709010 1998 vintage.
RFPP RF10S is a reliable, efficient power supply designed to meet the most demanding requirements of modern systems. It features a wide input voltage range of 90-264V AC and is capable of providing up to 10A of current output. RFPP RF-10S features overload, overvoltage, and short circuit protection and is designed to fit into a slim 1U rack configuration. It also features an adjustable auto-tracking function, enabling the unit to optimize its output voltage for various applications. Thanks to the built-in active PFC (Power Factor Correction) technology, RF10S ensures high efficiency and low emissions by automatically adjusting the line power to reduce energy dissipation from the power supply. Additionally, the unit offers a minimum standby power consumption that reduces operational costs and improves overall efficiency. Its intelligent temperature control system quickly and accurately monitors the working temperature of RF-10S and automatically adjusts fan speed as needed to ensure long-term reliability and sustained performance. RFPP RF10S offers a variety of features designed to improve the management and maintenance of your power supply and the connected equipment. These features include Adjustable Output Voltage (AOV) management, adjust and fixed current limit control, and internal power sequence commands. RFPP RF-10S also supports remote monitoring and management via an RS-485 protocol and is designed to be managed by your existing IT infrastructure. RF10S is designed to meet the stringent safety testing requirements of the IEC 61000-3 series complying with CISPR 32/EN 55032, CISPR 22, and UL/CSA/IEC 62368. It is also UL, CE, FCC and RoHS certified, making it an ideal solution for many commercial and residential applications. All these features make RF-10S a highly reliable and efficient power supply solution, perfect for powering sensitive and critical electronics. Additionally, the 1U form factor allows for a low total cost of ownership making it a great choice for both operator and end user.
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