Used RFPP RF50S #9172747 for sale

ID: 9172747
RF Generator.
RFPP RF50S is a high-power switching power supply with superior efficiency and excellent cost-performance ratio. It is designed for applications with high power requirements and is capable of providing up to 50A at 5V (or 125W) with a voltage range of 2.5 to 6V. RFPP RF-50S features a temperature-controlled fan for optimum cooling, and the switch-mode power supply technology increases efficiency. The output is free of noise and ripple with a wide dynamic range for low noise applications. RF50S's proprietary power regulating features including remote sensing, allow users to access and control the output voltage remotely. This feature adds extra control options and safety features for the devices the power supply is connected to. RF-50S is designed as an open-frame device, meaning it has no shielding surrounding it and can be mounted directly to a PCB. This sets it apart from some other power supplies whose housing around the electronics can add weight and interfere with other components or signals. The device is well-designed to reduce external interference and noise. Its flexible control options help in preventing the output voltage from fluctuating, while integrated protection features ensure that it remains safe and reliable. In addition, it features overvoltage protection which is activated when the voltage exceeds a certain level. The power supply also has short-circuit protection, temperature-controlled thermal shutdown and automatic restart after an overvoltage or thermal shutdown event. This ensures that RFPP RF50S is protected from any catastrophic failure caused by a fault. Its dimensions are also small enough to fit into tight and cramped spaces. The power supply offers a great degree of flexibility and dependability and is suitable for a broad range of applications, such as high end computing, telecoms, networking and industrial systems. In addition, RFPP RF-50S power supply is environmentally friendly and RoHS compliant. Overall, RF50S is a great power supply to be used in all different kinds of projects, from DIY projects to industrial systems. It is easy to install and maintain and has a long lifespan, making it an economical choice for many projects. It is designed to deliver safe, reliable and efficient power for any project no matter how demanding.
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