Used SEREN AT-20 #9184731 for sale

ID: 9184731
Vintage: 2009
Automatic matching network With VECCO RF350 alpha ion etch module 2009 vintage.
SEREN AT-20 is an advanced power supply equipment that provides reliable power to a wide range of industrial applications. It is designed for large industrial power plants that require a significant supply of energy but need to minimize the amount of space they require. This unit is fully compatible with the universal power distribution system of the European grid and compatible with the current distribution networks of most countries, while also being compliant with the European EMC regulations. It is a unit that is reliable, durable, and versatile, making it the perfect choice for a variety of different applications in the industrial sector. AT-20 is equipped with two or three-phase power supply capabilities, allowing for a larger range of output voltages and frequencies. It has a maximum output voltage of up to 8,000 volts and a frequency range of up to 400 Hz. The machine has a power factor of 0.95, which ensures it is able to provide a stable, regulated power connection to its users. It also features an adjustable output current of up to 50A, making it suitable for connecting to higher-capacity equipment. The unit is also equipped with sophisticated protection levels, such as over-temperature protection and over-current protection. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a comprehensive monitoring feature, which is capable of displaying various types of data to the user, such as input and output voltage, frequency, and temperature. This makes it easier to monitor the performance of the power supply, and allows for easier troubleshooting in the event of any issues. SEREN AT-20 is also highly efficient, offering up to 98% efficiency of power transfer, meaning less energy is wasted in the process. This enables the user to make the most out of their power needs, while keeping the unit costs to a minimum. The tool also allows for connection to a variety of different current types, such as direct power, switching power, and generator power, allowing it to be easily integrated into a variety of different projects. AT-20 is an excellent choice for any industrial organisation that requires reliable power, without taking up a lot of space. Its versatility, effectiveness, and superior performance make it the perfect solution for a range of different applications in the industrial sector.
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