Used SOLA 63-23-250-8 #9172997 for sale

ID: 9172997
Power supply P/N: 38166-19.
SOLA 63-23-250-8 is a 3-phase, open-type AC/AC switch-mode power supply module that is designed to provide a reliable, highly efficient power source for industrial equipment and other equipment applications. It has a DIN-rail mounted design, along with an external reference voltage providing a stable voltage output of 250V. It has a power rating of 63A, nominal input voltage range of 350-500V AC, and output voltage accuracy of 0.5%. 63-23-250-8 offers several features that make it a reliable and efficient power source compared to other standard power supplies. It has a high input surge rating of 500V which allows it to handle higher levels of input voltage variations. The power supply uses an advanced power supply circuit design that includes EMI filtering, short circuit and overvoltage protection, active inrush limiting, and over temperature protection. Additionally, the power supply module is built with a conformal coated board which allows it to withstand certain types of moisture, dust, and temperature conditions. SOLA 63-23-250-8's power factor correction technology allows it to achieve high-efficiency levels, up to 87%. This helps reduce power and cooling costs by limiting the amount of energy wasted during operation. The power supply also offers power factor of 0.90, allowing it to handle higher loads without any losses in efficiency. Additionally, it features a high temperature efficiency of up to 47%, allowing a wide operating temperature range with a maximum of 80°C and a minimum of -20°C. 63-23-250-8 power supply module has an operation life that is rated for 100,000 hours of operation. It features automatic shutdown protection, which helps protect the equipment from overloads and other potential hazards. It also includes an LED indicator light that allows for easy status monitoring. Additionally, the package includes detachable terminal blocks for easier connecting of the power supply to other components. SOLA 63-23-250-8 is a high-quality power supply module with features that make it a reliable and efficient choice for industrial equipment and other applications. Its advanced power supply design, high efficiency levels, and wide temperature range make it suitable for many different types of applications. Additionally, its long operational life and protection features make it a safe and reliable power source.
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