Used SORENSEN DCS 20-50 #9180552 for sale

DCS 20-50
ID: 9180552
DC Power supplies.
SORENSEN DCS 20-50 is a high-quality and versatile DC power supply which is designed to provide an accurate output voltage and current. With a maximum output power of 20V/50A, this DC power source is ideal for medical, aerospace, industrial, transportation and other general-purpose applications. This state-of-the-art device has a number of advanced features, including a wide operating range, high accuracy, internal fan and current limit controls. The wide operating range of DCS 20-50 allows it to work well in a variety of voltage situations, giving users the flexibility to use it in multiple applications. This power supply can operate at 10-30V while providing a maximum output of 20V/50A, which allows it to be used with a wide range of power sources. It also has series and parallel operation capabilities to give users control and versatility for a variety of applications. SORENSEN DCS 20-50 is designed to be highly accurate and provide repeatable performance with a minimum ripple and noise of 20 mV. This device also features an LCD display and control knobs, allowing users to adjust settings accurately and easily. In addition, a built-in fan helps keep internal temperatures controlled to ensure proper operation. To provide added safety and protection, DCS 20-50 also comes equipped with a current limit control and overload protection. SORENSEN DCS 20-50 is a highly reliable device which provides users with reliable and repeatable performance and a variety of features and functions. This power supply is designed to be efficient and versatile, making it ideal for a variety of applications. With its wide operating range, high accuracy and current limit control, this device is an excellent choice for a variety of power applications.
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