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SGA 600-17
ID: 9164124
DC Power supply 600V/17A.
SORENSEN SGA 600-17 is a power supply specifically designed for laboratory and industrial applications. This unit is capable of producing up to 600 volts at up to 17 amp DC output levels. SGA 600-17 has a static voltage stability of 0.1% and is temperature compensated. This allows for a relatively consistent voltage output across varying temperatures. The electrical features of SORENSEN SGA 600-17 include an output programming range up to 600V at 17A, with a voltage range resolution of 1mV, current range resolution of 1mA and an output power of up to 10.2kw. Leakage current is extremely low, ranging between 0-20µA with the output set to 600V. The main power input is 220V single phase and remote voltage sensing is also available. SGA 600-17 is fully programmable through an easy-to-use front panel display. The LCD display allows the operator to set a variety of parameters as well as display operational information and alarm messages. It also has many other programmable features including voltage control, sleep mode, auto reboot, current foldback, over voltage protection, over temperature protection, and over current protection. SORENSEN SGA 600-17 is also very user-friendly due to its safety features. The unit is grounded with an EMI filter built in to protect against any outside interference. An integrated fan helps to keep the unit running cool and prevent an overheating issue. Additionally, the unit has an integrated standalone ESD (electrostatic discharge) circuit that will help protect the user and the unit from high voltage spikes. SGA 600-17 is perfect for a variety of precision applications, due to its accuracy and reliability. Its robust construction and sophisticated design makes it well-suited for industrial environments, especially where accurate and stable voltage and current readings are required. The unit is also a great choice for laboratories looking for a dependable, highly-accurate power supply.
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