Used SORENSEN SGA200X25E-1DAA #9165062 for sale

ID: 9165062
RF Generators For APPLIED MATERIALS Endura Metal system.
SORENSEN SGA200X25E-1DAA is a high-performance three-phase power supply with a wide range of input voltage and current capacities. This unit features an output power of 2000 watts, with an output voltage of 25V DC and an output current of 80A. It has an efficiency rating of 89 percent, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications requiring reliable, long-term performance. The inherent modular construction of SORENSEN power supply allows for a variety of customization options, including adjustable output voltage, adjustable output current, and adjustable wattage. It is also equipped with a variety of features designed to help protect against over voltage, over current, and short-circuit conditions. This includes a built-in temperature sensor, in-line DC output voltage sensing, and a power converter that can detect any overvoltage, overcurrent, or short circuit. Additionally, the power supply features a variety of safety features, such as overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit protection, power converter, and noise filter. SGA200X25E-1DAA also provides excellent temperature control, with an adjustable temperature control range of up to 200°C and an adjustable temperature stability of up to 5°C. To further enhance temperature control, this unit has an automatic fan speed controller, as well as an active power factor correction capability. In addition, this power supply includes a programmable current limit alarm, where users can set a desired level of current limit. SORENSEN SGA200X25E-1DAA is very easy to install, requiring no complicated wiring or hardware setup. This power supply is exceptionally durable and reliable, capable of withstanding harsh environments and a wide variety of temperature conditions without compromising performance. Its high-grade components and sophisticated design are some of the features that make this power supply an excellent choice for many applications. In conclusion, SGA200X25E-1DAA is an versatile, powerful three-phase power supply with high efficiency and adjustable output settings. It features excellent temperature control, protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, and short-circuit conditions, and an easy to install packages. Furthermore, this power supply is very reliable and durable, allowing users to get the most out of their investments.
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