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XT 30-2
ID: 9180549
DC Power supplies.
SORENSEN XT 30-2 is a high-precision, high-reliability power supply designed to provide precise, adjustable voltages and precise current sources to laboratory and manufacturing test systems. The power supply features a maximum output voltage of 30VDC and a maximum output current of 20A with readability of 1mV and 0.1mA respectively. The output voltage and current are adjustable over a wide range of 1000:1 or better, and the switching speed is rated for 800 capacitor discharges per second. XT 30-2 offers standard digital programming through a USB interface, as well as analog programming via a 10-turn potentiometer. SORENSEN XT 30-2 also features an intuitive front panel display, which includes an individual display for the voltage or current, as well as general status in the form of current limit, overvoltage and overcurrent indicators. This display also features buttons for setting the voltage or current manually, as well as menu buttons to access the digital programming functions. In addition to the digital controls, an optional mechanical remote control is available, offering users the ability to adjust the output, set the current range or adjust the current limit without directly accessing the power supply itself. XT 30-2 has a few protection features which ensure safety and reliability during operation. It features series-protection circuitry, which limits the maximum output current to the specified rating, and overvoltage protection, which prevents the power supply from exceeding the specified output voltage. In addition, SORENSEN XT 30-2 offers a self-protecting pick-lock circuit, which guards against accidental power source disconnection. XT 30-2 has been designed for laboratory and industrial applications, providing an accurate and reliable power supply for precise system control. The exceptional accuracy and precision of SORENSEN XT 30-2, combined with the intuitive front panel, protective features, and optional remote control, make this power supply an excellent choice for any test system requiring precision power.
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