Used SPEEDLINE / ACCEL 56F3059 #9179610 for sale

ID: 9179610
Power supply.
SPEEDLINE / ACCEL 56F3059 is a type of linear power supply that is used to provide an adjustable DC voltage up to 24.3V. The feature set of this unit includes an embedded microcontroller that provides precise voltage regulation, current limiting, and overvoltage protection, as well as an on/off switch and connect/disconnect connectors. It is designed to accept a broad range of input voltages, including 7.3V to 40V and 180Vrms. It is also RoHS compliant, meeting the international standards for lead-free and phthalate-free electronics. ACCEL 56F3059 operates with peak currents up to 99A, allowing it to supply power to high current electronics including motors and amplifiers. It has a fast response time, a full load efficiency of up to 85%, and ripple voltage of less than 20mV. This unit offers additional safety features that include an overvoltage protection circuit as well as over current and short-circuit protection. It also has an adjustable output voltage that can be set from 0V to 24.3V at rated load. SPEEDLINE 56F3059 is a reliable power source, providing constant and clean power delivery. Its compact design makes it a perfect fit for a wide range of applications, including industrial and laboratory settings. The unit has a fanless design, making it suitable for silent, fan-free operation. This versatile power supply has a wide range of operating temperature and is conformal coated for extra protection against electrical and environmental hazards. In order to ensure proper operation, 56F3059 must be installed with appropriate mounting hardware and compatible wiring. The unit contains an output capacitance of 1000µF, with additional capacitors available upon request. This power supply has an LED indicator to indicate its status, as well as an insulated cover to protect against dust, moisture and other environmental hazards. Overall, SPEEDLINE / ACCEL 56F3059 offers a combination of features that enable it to meet the requirements of demanding applications. Its adjustable voltage and current capabilities make it a highly reliable source of power for a wide range of projects. Its durable construction and wide range of safety features ensure reliable operation over time.
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