Used SQUARE D 1S8F #9162044 for sale

ID: 9162044
Transformers Primary: 277 V Secondary: EC 120/240, 1 KVA 1 Phase, 60 HZ.
SQUARE D 1S8F is a power supply unit designed to provide reliable and safe operation for any single-phase, three-wire electrical system. It features an internal AC primary thermistor and dual output DC secondary fuses that help protect against overload and short-circuit conditions. With a high-efficiency design, this power supply is capable of providing up to 5 kVA of power without the need for additional cooling. 1S8F features a robust die cast aluminum enclosure that helps ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, while at the same time providing maximum service life. This enclosure is designed to protect against dust, dirt, and other particles, as well as prevents rust and corrosion. Additionally, the enclosure has air holes that help promote natural convection cooling of the unit. SQUARE D 1S8F features a voltage switching circuit breaker that allow users to easily set the primary voltage output to any desired level. This allows for flexibility and convenience when setting up different systems. Furthermore, the easy-to-access, external phase selection switch allows users to quickly configure single-phase outputs. 1S8F also features input and output terminals that are clearly labeled for easy identification and connection. The output terminals are spaced out in order to accommodate larger equipment and to prevent accidental short circuiting. This makes it easy for users to quickly install and set up the unit. SQUARE D 1S8F features protection against overload and short-circuit conditions via the internal AC primary thermistor and the dual output DC secondary fuses. This ensures that the unit's performance and reliability are not compromised during power outages or other similar circumstances. In addition to its ease of use and versatility, 1S8F is also designed to be extremely energy efficient. It has a low no-load power draw and uses energy-saving components to minimize the unit's cost of operation. This, in combination with its durable enclosure, helps to ensure that it has a long service life. SQUARE D 1S8F power supply is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, energy-efficient, and easy-to-setup power supply unit. With its high-efficiency design, robust enclosure, and internal protections, this unit is sure to provide reliable and safe operation for any single-phase, three-wire electrical system.
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