Used STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS / SRS SR570 #9179698 for sale

ID: 9179698
Low Noise Preamplifier.
SRS (STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS) STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS / SRS SR570 Low Noise Lock-In Amplifier is a precision, low-noise power supply for use with a variety of applications requiring accurate detection of low-frequency signals. This supply provides highly-sensitive and reliable readings, making it ideal for research and engineering applications. SRS SR570 is designed with a dual-channel architecture, capable of providing alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC) output. Each channel has two output voltages, of +3V and +2V, to deliver accurate and stable readings. Furthermore, the power supply can be programmed with user-defined parameters for each voltage output, allowing for more complex experiments to be conducted with minimal effort. Furthermore, STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS SR570 employs a variety of safety features, such as an over-temperature protection circuit and a wire guard for added shock protection. Additionally, the interior of the supply has been filled with a specifically designed foam to provide additional insulation. The form of noise suppression and the anti-interference design make the power supply well-suited to environments with external electrical fields. SR570 also comes with a variety of additional features, including: low noise performance, low ripple, low output impedance, and fast response time. The power supply also includes an intuitive user interface, which allows for easy and fast adjustments to settings and other features, as well as monitoring voltage and current input. The power supply also comes with a variety of software options, including: STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS / SRS Lock-in, Marketscan, and Voltage Scanner, all of which store and allow for manipulation of data. Finally, STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS / SRS SR570 power supply has an integrated self-test function, which is designed to run multiple diagnostics to ensure a proper functioning unit and uninterrupted performance. When connected to a computer, the supply can be connected to a printer for easy data analysis. So, if you need a reliable and low-noise power supply for your research or engineering applications, then SRS SR570 is a great choice.
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