Used TAKASAGO EX-1500L2 #9158131 for sale

ID: 9158131
DC Power supply.
TAKASAGO EX-1500L2 is a power supply that offers a robust output of up to 1500W. It is designed for industrial-grade use, with features such as high-current output, over-voltage protection, lightning protection, and redundant switching. It is specifically designed for harsh environments and is suitable for industrial and military applications. EX-1500L2 features four output lines that are rated at 375W per line. It comes with a wide range of output voltages, typically ranging from 5V to 56V DC, and current native to the unit that can be monitored through pin terminals. It also has advanced features such as sequencing, paralleling, and hot-swapping of the unit. The power supply is lightweight and measures only 6.5"L x 5.1"W x 2.75"H (163mm x 130mm x 70mm), making it highly portable and perfect for portable applications. It is extremely efficient and has a power factor higher than 0.9, reducing the amount of power consumed relative to an equivalent load. TAKASAGO EX-1500L2 also has an active PFC that ensures a minimum peak input current and provides improved stability when used with AC mains. EX-1500L2 utilizes advanced thermal management technology to maintain a low profile and low acoustic noise. The unit features a forced cooling system which is free from dust and moisture. Additionally, it can operate with both convection and conduction cooling. In combination with a low power dissipation rate, it can operate reliably even at high temperatures without active cooling. TAKASAGO EX-1500L2's over-voltage protection prevents abnormal current, voltage, or temperature. It also has a lightning protection feature to protect the unit from lightning surges or electromagnetic interference. Additionally, it has a redundant switching system to ensure an uninterrupted power supply should one line of the unit fail. The unit is encased in an environmentally-friendly lead-free enclosure, and is compliant with global safety standards such as UL, CE, CSA, and VDE. Lastly, EX-1500L2 is perfect for mission-critical applications and is backed by a three-year warranty from TAKASAGO.
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