Used TAKASAGO HX0300-50 #9165827 for sale

ID: 9165827
DC Power supply.
TAKASAGO HX0300-50 is a switching mode power supply (SMPS) that provides a regulated 150 W DC output. It is designed to operate from a universal 85 to 264 VAC input voltage, while providing a consistent output voltage of 12 VDC regardless of input line variations. The SMPS features a full-range auto-ranging feature, which allows it to adapt to different input voltages, while providing efficient and reliable power to a wide range of devices. Its highly efficient design allows it to deliver a maximum power of 150 W, while requiring very little energy from the input source. The SMPS is also equipped with a variety of protective features to ensure safe operation, including output overvoltage protection and short circuit protection, as well as built-in protections for over temperature, inrush current and input overvoltage. Moreover, it is housed in a robust metal case for optimal stability and protection against external shock and vibration. Furthermore, the unit is provided with easy to access screw terminals for secure wiring. HX0300-50 SMPS is a great choice for powering a variety of electronic devices requiring a reliable and adjustable DC power source. Its auto-ranging input and 150 W output offer ample power to a wide range of applications, while its built in protective features ensure safe operation. Whether powering an upgraded audio system, or powering a sophisticated laboratory instrument, TAKASAGO HX0300-50 is an excellent choice for stable and reliable power.
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