Used TDK-LAMBDA GEN600-1.3 #9170098 for sale

ID: 9170098
Power supplies.
TDK-LAMBDA GEN600-1.3 is a high-performance power supply designed to provide reliable and efficient power to critical equipment and systems. This power supply is designed to meet the stringent requirements of IEEE, UL and CSA and other regulatory agencies for patient safety and performance, making it suitable for use in medical applications where patient safety is paramount. TDK-LAMBDA GEN600-1.3 is rated for an input voltage over a wide range from 90-264VAC at 47-63Hz, making it suitable for world-wide applications. It is a single-output, continuous-output-voltage power supply with 11 output voltage settings available, ranging from 3.3V to 24V. The power supply has a peak output power rating up to 600 watts, with a 14A current limit by using internal discrete FETs, and a maximum power output of 505W at 115VAC or 525W at 230VAC when using an external power limit protector. The power supply utilises advanced double forward converter technology featuring a high efficiency, up to 94%, due to its parallel regulation loop, allowing minimum heat dissipation. It features active power factor correction (PFC), reducing input power factor to below 0.99 and meeting EN61000-3-2 Class C requirements, making it suitable for applications which require power factor correction. TDK-LAMBDA GEN600-1.3 is designed for easy installation, featuring a snap-in mounting system compatible with all standard 19-inch racks. It has a full range of status indication LEDs available, as well as over-temperature protection and short-circuit protection. It also comes with short-circuit-protection and a reinforced isolation of 3000VAC for 15s for patient safety, which is suitable for medical applications. Additionally, the power supply includes a fan speed power control, related to the output load, enabling silent operation. Overall, TDK-LAMBDA GEN600-1.3 power supply is a reliable, efficient and versatile power solution suitable for a wide range of medical and industrial applications. Its wide input voltage range and 11 output voltage settings makes it suitable for powering critical systems and equipment in potentially hazardous environments, while its reinforced isolation and protection features ensure patient safety.
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