Used TDK-LAMBDA GEN80-19 #9170100 for sale

ID: 9170100
Power supplies.
TDK-LAMBDA GEN80-19 is a highly efficient power supply offering up to 1600W of regulated power for demanding applications. This product is designed with dual outputs with 19V/83A & 12V/116A ratings, allowing the user to supply power to two different systems. The dual output feature is beneficial in applications where multiple points of power are needed. Additionally, GEN80-19 power supply features High-efficiency operation for low power loss, high power density and heat load. This is achieved through advanced components, switching circuitry and advanced construction techniques. TDK-LAMBDA GEN80-19's robust construction uses a contemporary design with advanced components such as a highly efficient dual DC/DC controller, mainframe heat-sink and advanced EMI circuitry with high-speed signal processing. GEN80-19 also features a comprehensive control system that monitors output parameters such as voltage and current with high accuracy and reacts rapidly to external changes. It can easily be monitored remotely via a Modbus interface or local control via the operation front panel. It also has variable output and has built-in protection features for overload, over-temperature, short-circuit, earth leakage, and high-frequency switching operations. TDK-LAMBDA GEN80-19 is well suited for medical, telecommunications, transportation, industrial automation, and HVAC applications, and is able to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to +70°C. GEN80-19 is fully tested and certified by international safety marks, indicating not only high safety levels but also tight tolerance to external environmental conditions and hazard-free operation. It is also RoHS-compliant, ensuring strict environmental conformity. In summary, TDK-LAMBDA GEN80-19 is a high-efficiency power supply designed with dual outputs that is capable of powering two separate systems accurately and with high efficiency. It features advanced components and circuitry with high-speed signal processing, as well as variable output protection features and safety marks to ensure safe operation. This product is well suited for a wide variety of applications, and is RoHS-compliant for environmental protection.
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