Used TDK-LAMBDA SWS300-12 #9174248 for sale

ID: 9174248
AC / DC Converter.
TDK-LAMBDA SWS300-12 is an industrial-grade power supply designed for arduous conditions. This 300 watt DC-DC converter utilizes an insulated metal substrate (IMS) for better PCB heat dissipation, reduced space and weight. It features a 12 Volt output, voltage and current sharing, and an extremely robust aluminum case that meets its -40°C to 70°C operating temperature range. The it can withstand a 5g vibration, 20g shock, and 20g acceleration. The internal circuitry of SWS300-12 consists of a switch mode regulator that maintains output stability for high-load stability. A regulated differential remote sense wire allows for active voltage compensation, reducing output voltage ripple by up to 50%. The remote sense wire is also connected to an isolating control circuit which ensures maximum current sensing accuracy. Furthermore, it includes active "Power Fail" and "Over Temperature" detection circuitry for enhanced safety and miniaturized design. TDK-LAMBDA SWS300-12 is also equipped with an advanced "Constant Power" control which enables efficient operation over a wide input range. This feature reduces high frequency harmonics for smooth operation and low acoustic noise, without compromising output power quality. Additionally, the power supply has an advanced Ripple and Noise Reduction design for maximum output power. SWS300-12 uses an integrated "Advanced Adjustable Output" feature to help reduce ground noise and ripple voltage. TDK-LAMBDA SWS300-12 comes with a 5-year warranty and meets all safety standards including those of military applications and aerospace specifications. Its comprehensive built-in protection functions include overvoltage, overload, overpower, and overtemperature protection. Most noteworthy, it possesses built-in input and output EMC filters for robust operation in EMI/RFI sensitive applications. In conclusion, SWS300-12 is an efficient solution ideal for applications that require robust power supplies in a compact form factor. It offers excellent value and robust protection functions, all for a competitive price. TDK-LAMBDA SWS300-12 is perfect for many high-performance applications such as in aerospace, industrial, marine, and automotive applications.
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