Used TDK-LAMBDA SWS600-12 #9174249 for sale

ID: 9174249
AC/DC Converter.
TDK-LAMBDA SWS600-12 is a reliable and efficient power supply designed for applications where minimal size and high performance are essential. This switch mode power supply (SMPS) provides a single output of 12 volts and features a wide input voltage range of 90 to 264 VAC at a power rating of 600 W and an efficiency of up to 88 percent. SWS600-12 is designed for optimum safety, reliability and ease of use with built-in protections and superb EMI performance. An integral activePFC improves power quality and allows the unit to operate with universal input ranges exceeding typical customer requirements. Overload, overvoltage and overtemperature protection circuits keep the unit operating safely and efficiently, ensuring reliable performance. The output voltage is also adjustable with a built-in potentiometer, so users can fine tune the power output according to their needs. The rugged design of TDK-LAMBDA SWS600-12 makes it suitable for a variety of industrial applications and use in harsh operating environments. It features a wide operating temperature range of -10 to +70°C with a fan speed that adjusts to provide optimum cooling performance. Furthermore, its reinforced insulation together with various certified safety approvals mean it meets all relevant safety requirements, including cURus, UL and CE. SWS600-12 also features variety of DC connectors which allows users set up and connct their applications quickly and easily. The use of high-quality materials and components, along with meticulous thermal design guarantees stable power output. This power supply is also RoHS compliant, making it an excellent choice for users seeking an efficient, safe and reliable power supply.
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