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CPS 250
ID: 9178103
Triple output power supply.
TEKTRONIX CPS 250 is a versatile and reliable AC and DC power supply that provides the stable, regulated, and isolated power needed for precision testing. This power supply has two independent outputs that can be run in series or parallel to adjust voltage. It has 0-250 watts of total continuous power and can provide up to a maximum of 500 watts for short durations. CPS 250 features current limiter control, voltage adjustment, over-temperature protection, auxiliary AC line and independent AC line breakers for safe operation. Auto-zeroing ensures that each output is accurately regulated within ±0.5% accuracy. It also has a 2-stage switching mode power supply for efficiency and low standby power consumption. TEKTRONIX CPS 250 is a dual channel power supply with separate voltage and current control, enabling independent voltage and current regulation on both outputs. Outputs can be independently set to DC or AC voltage and each output is provided with separate overload protection. CPS 250 is designed for high performance and safety, with a low profile metal housing, a shatter-proof LCD display, and a temperature-controlled cooling fan. It also features several indicators including input AC ok, current and voltage monitor levels, and module fault indicators. The unit has built-in USB and RS232 interfaces for remote control and monitoring. TEKTRONIX CPS 250 is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. It can provide dual power at various voltages, both AC and DC up to 250 watts continuously. The unit also includes safety features such as short circuit protection, dual overload protection, and over-temperature protection. Its compact form allows easy installation in tight spaces. CPS 250 is therefore an ideal choice for engineers, technicians, and hobbyists. The unit provides the robust and reliable power for precision testing and safe operation. It is capable of handling a wide range of applications and any required power needs.
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