Used TEKTRONIX PS 280 #9158722 for sale

PS 280
ID: 9158722
Vintage: 2007
DC Power supply Triple output Fixed 5 V, 3 A Two variable output: 0 to 30 V, 2 A Dual tracking, variable 0 to 30 V, 2.0 A Digital LED output indicator Selectable independent tracking mode Currently warehoused 2007 vintage.
TEKTRONIX PS 280 power supply is a reliable and user friendly power supply that provides accurate and consistent results with its intuitive user interface. This power supply offers consistent power output even across a variety of load conditions. PS 280 offers a wide range of voltage and current ranges so that the user can find the correct setting for any application. It is also capable of up to 2A output current with a maximum voltage of 180V. The product features a voltage and current setting knob for precise control. This knob allows the user to adjust both voltage and current, giving users the ability to find the ideal setting for their application. This setting can also be locked with the supplied cover protection. TEKTRONIX PS 280 also includes several safety features such as over voltage and current protection, thermal protection, and polarity reversed protection. The product also features power select switch, allowing the user to select either the AC mode or the DC mode. In the AC mode, PS 280 offers maximum power output of 300W and in the DC mode, power output is limited to 180W. The adjustable output control allows the user to set the ideal voltage and current for their specific application. TEKTRONIX PS 280 also includes a large weighing capacity of up to 26 lbs and it comes with a two-year warranty for added security. The design of PS 280 is very slim and compact making it perfect for space-constrained environments. It also contains over-voltage and current protection to ensure that users get the best protection possible along with their new product. Overall, TEKTRONIX PS 280 is a reliable and user friendly power supply that provides consistent power output, even under challenging load conditions. With its intuitive user interface and adjustable output control, PS 280 offers the perfect balance between performance and convenience. Its slim and durable design make it perfect for space-constrained environments and its safety features ensure that users get the best protection possible with their new product.
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