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PS 280
ID: 9184549
DC Power supplies.
TEKTRONIX PS 280 is a compact, multi-output, programmable power supplie. This power supplier is designed to aid in the development, test and actual powering of circuits and systems of varying complexity. It is an ideal tool for managing power in lab and production environments. PS 280 is a programmable dc power supplie that can provide four outputs. Each output can provide up to 18A of current, or a total of 72A in any combination. Its power rating reaches up to 800 Watts. The output voltage range is 0-to-30V and the resolution is 10mV. The output is adjustable in 0.1% increments, from 10mV to 0.001%. Each output is independently programmable for volt and current settings with multiple operating modes. TEKTRONIX PS 280 offers various features to improve performance and enhance user experience. An Over-Current Protect (OCP) feature protects circuits and components through settings for current limit, voltage limit, and time limit. A Constant Voltage/Constant Current (CV/CC) feature allows for precise control over voltage and current settings for the desired output. Its external current sensing circuit provides precise voltage and current tracking for automatic load protection. Other features include LEDs to monitor the output state, a power on and off switch, and a built-in 2-point calibration for accuracy testing. PS 280 comes with intuitive software controls, so users can easily adjust settings. This programmable power supplie comes with SCPI commands, allowing users to send commands via RS-232 or USB interfaces. Additionally, users can use an Ethernet connection to control up to 8 TEKTRONIX PS 280 devices from a single computer. PS 280 is a reliable, high-performance power supplie that is suitable for a broad range of applications. Its features, programability, and intuitive software controls make it an ideal tool for managing power in test and production environments.
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