Used TELEDYNE P-294 #9167605 for sale

ID: 9167605
Power supply.
TELEDYNE P-294 is a high performance power supply that is designed to provide precision voltage and current for laboratory applications requiring very low level outputs. It is a universal AC input, single output, constant voltage/constant current power supply. The device has a wide voltage output range of 0 to 36 V DC and a current output range of 0 to 2 A. It also has four user accessible voltage and current programming knobs, allowing for precision voltage and current adjustments. P-294 features a digital LED readout display that accurately indicates the output voltage or current. It also has an adjustable overload protection with auto-recovery and low ripple for noise-free operation. The front panel of the device also includes a remote sensing terminal which allows for accurate voltage measurements at the load. TELEDYNE P-294 has built-in overload protection to protect against accidental short circuits or over-current conditions. It has a built-in temperature protection feature that senses internal heat and adjusts the output current accordingly to prevent possible damage from prolonged high-current operation. An LED indicator on the front panel shows the status of the output in real-time. P-294 is designed to operate safely and reliably with a wide operating temperature range from 0⁰C to 50⁰C. The device features a built-in fan for cooling and is fully protected against dust and moisture. The power supply is UL, CSA, and CE approved and is RoHS compliant. TELEDYNE P-294 offers precise voltage and current control, and is ideally suited for laboratory applications needing very stable, accurate and noise-free power. It is a reliable and durable choice for powering sensitive laboratory equipment.
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