Used TELEMARK ST-8 #9184207 for sale

ID: 9184207
Power supply for e-beam gun 400 V.
Telemecanique TELEMARK ST-8 is a line of single phase, industrial-grade, power supplies manufactured by Telemecanique Group. Telemecanique ST-8 power supplies are designed for reliable operation in challenging industrial environments, offering reliable power at an affordable price. TELEMARK ST-8 power supplies are equipped with an electronic overload protection circuit, which responds to a fault condition by shutting down the power supply's output and notifying the user that a fault has occurred. This does result in a fast shut down and a safe working environment for the operators. In addition, the power supply is also equipped with a thermal protection circuit which protects the unit from thermal overload or excessive temperature. The power supplies are equipped with precise voltage and current output, adjustable from 10 to 240V, and a current range of 0.5 to 8A. This allows it to deliver precise amounts of power, allowing precise control over the power requirements of any connected device. Furthermore, its current sensing capabilities also protect the devices that are connected to it against overload. ST-8 designs also include a curved front panel with a simple control scheme as well as an audible alarm. The alarm notifies the operators whenever any fault occurs. This helps detect any problems that may occur in the power supply and its connected devices. TELEMARK ST-8 is designed with a rugged construction, using cast aluminum and epoxy-coated printed circuit boards. This makes the device resistant to shock and vibrations, ensuring its longevity in the face of challenging industrial conditions. The design also features a wide operating temperature range of -30°C to +60°C, allowing it to function reliably in extreme temperature environments. ST-8 power supply is UL and CUL recognized, ensuring that it meets stringent safety standards. It also includes integral EMI/EMC/RFI filtering, which helps reduce the potential of interference and loss of data between components. This makes TELEMARK ST-8 an ideal choice for industrial applications.
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