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Power supply.
THERMO ELECTRON / THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC EC 105 is a power supply specifically designed to deliver power to DC motors and other devices requiring dc power. This power supply provides precise and reliable power to an array of devices and applications requiring dependable and efficient power delivery. THERMO ELECTRON EC 105 is a single output, high performance, isolated 10Vdc power supply with a current rating of 4A. Featuring an advanced user interface, this power supply offers users up to five programmable voltage settings. It features thermally enhanced aluminum construction, with a compact design and small footprint. THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC EC 105 features cutting edge technology such as an LCD display, a power indicator light and active electronic control, making it easy to monitor and measure a range of parameters such as current, voltage, ripple, and temperature. The display portion of the power supply includes an automatic protection system to ensure that the unit does not overload or experience any other damaging electrical problems. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a high-efficiency design and a low temperature rise, which allows for maximum performance and reliable power delivery. EC 105 also features unparalleled user safety and electrical safety features. The power supply comes equipped with an open circuit protection, which automatically shuts off the flow of power if the output is overloaded. It also features a high-temperature shutoff, which prevents accidental overheating. THERMO ELECTRON / THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC EC 105 is fully compatible with a variety of power supply components, such as diodes, transformers, lighting fixtures, relays, motors and other DC power connections. It also includes a variety of connections to help ensure that the power supply is compatible with all of your electrical needs. Overall, THERMO ELECTRON EC 105 is an ideal choice for applications requiring a reliable power supply. With its innovative design, advanced features, and low temperature rise, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC EC 105 is the perfect power supply for providing precision and dependable DC power.
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