Used THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC FB 300 #9162065 for sale

ID: 9162065
Electrophoresis power supply.
THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC FB 300 is a high-end, precision power supply for laboratory and research applications. FB 300 is a particularly useful power supply because it provides a wide range of voltage and current output flexibility, allowing users to control and adjust voltage and current levels to suit their needs. THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC FB 300 is able to handle both AC and DC input power, with a range from 0 to 300Vdc and 0 to 600Vac, providing peak output power of 300VA. It also offers an adjustable output voltage of 0 to 12Vdc and 0 to 24Vac. The power supply has a wide range of features to help users get the most out of their instrument. These features include low residual ripple and noise, excellent power regulation, overload and short circuit current limits, and LED status indication. For safety and convenience, FB 300 is equipped with an internal cooling fan and current limiting features. Additionally, it has an adjustable over-temperature shutdown feature, providing added protection against damage due to high operating temperatures. In terms of ease of use, THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC FB 300 offers a wide range of user-friendly functions, including a no-nonsense front panel with thumbwheel knobs for adjusting voltage and current, a multilingual LCD display for monitoring the power supply's parameters, and intuitive software. In addition, the power supply comes with both remote control and automated programming capabilities, allowing users to adjust its parameters remotely. FB 300 is an ideal choice of power supply for applications requiring reliable, low ripple, and accurate power, with a great range of features designed to make using it a breeze. Its robust MTBF figure, modern design, and efficient operation make it a standout choice in its category.
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