Used TOSHIBA 1600XP #9170936 for sale

ID: 9170936
Uninterruptible power supply Input: 208 / 240 VAC, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 15 A, 0.95 PF Lag Output: 240 / 208 / 120 VAC 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 15 A, 3.6 kVA, 0.85 PF Lag  Currently warehoused CE Marked.
TOSHIBA 1600XP is a power supply unit designed to meet a wide range of industrial needs. It is suitable for a variety of applications such as telecommunications systems, industrial equipment, multimedia systems, and more. This power supply offers a total power output of 1600 watts, which is enough to power most industrial equipment. It has active power factor correction, as well as a wide range of output voltages. The unit is designed to be highly reliable and easy to install. It has a low profile design, which makes it fit easily into most existing system configurations. It also has an active power factor correction circuitry that allows it to efficiently deliver power. The power factor correction leads to improved line and equipment performance. It also minimizes harmonics and reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI). 1600XP unit is made using the latest technology in power supplies. It features a two-stage EMC high power factor transfer circuit that helps to improve voltage regulation. It also has a two-stage cooling circuit and a three-stage EMC control system. This combination provides an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective source of power for a variety of industrial applications. TOSHIBA 1600XP is designed with safety and reliability as a top priority. It meets industrial standards for shock, vibration, temperature, surge protection, and electromagnetic interference. The power supply also features a short circuit, over voltage, and protection circuit, as well as an over current protection circuit to keep your equipment from being damaged in case of power surges or overloads. In addition, the power supply is very easy to maintain. It has an easy to access LED status indicator and user-replaceable modules that make it quick and simple to perform routine or scheduled maintenance. 1600XP is compliant with industry standards such as UL, CSA, TUV, and CE. Overall, TOSHIBA 1600XP is a reliable power supply designed to meet a variety of industrial needs. It offers 1600 watts of power, active power factor correction, wide range of output voltages, and many other features. Its construction and features make it an efficient, reliable, and cost-effective source of power supply.
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