Used TOSHIBA 1600XP #9170949 for sale

ID: 9170949
Uninterruptible power supply Input: 208 / 240 VAC, 1 Ph, 50/60 Hz, 33.3 A, 0.95 PF Lag Output: 240 / 208 / 120 VAC 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz, 33.3 A, 8 kVA, 0.85 PF Lag, 6800 W  Currently warehoused CE Marked.
TOSHIBA 1600XP is a high-end power supply designed to provide maximum performance and reliability for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. This unit is rated for 1600 Watts of continuous output power and 1200 Watts of operating power. This power supply features an 80 Plus Platinum rating, indicating that it meets or exceeds the minimum efficiency level of 90%, providing greater efficiency and lower energy costs. It also has active voltage regulation (AVR) technology that helps maintain stable voltage output throughout the life of the device. In addition, 1600XP has an adjustable fan speed control that allows it to operate silently under normal loads, reducing fan noise. TOSHIBA 1600XP features a mixture of both digital and analog inputs and outputs, making it adaptable to a wide range of applications. Its power factor correction (PFC) circuit ensures that the output voltage and current remain constant regardless of changes in the input signal. This unit is available with both 115 and 230VAC input, allowing it to work with almost any existing power distribution system. The insulated casing also helps protect the unit from shocks and short-circuiting, while the included overload protection circuit helps ensure reliable operation. 1600XP is designed with a low profile, making it easy to install in a wide variety of locations. It has an integrated acoustic noise measurement system that helps to reduce its acoustic noise output. This power supply also has an automatic power recovery feature that helps reduce the wear of the unit after a sudden power outage. For those need of a reliable and efficient high-output power supply, TOSHIBA 1600XP is an excellent choice. Its efficiency and performance have been tested to meet or exceed stringent industry standards, making it suitable for use in any number of industrial and commercial applications. Its adjustable fan speed control keeps the unit running silently under normal loads, while its overload protection circuit provides reliable and safe operation.
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