Used TRAZAR SRN 2 #9164685 for sale

ID: 9164685
Match boxes For NOVELLUS Speed CVD system.
TRAZAR SRN 2 is a power supply unit designed to provide a range of variable regulated voltages specifically for radio frequency (RF) and microwave applications. It is a two-phase system which offers voltage step up capabilities from 12v to 60v DC at both the primary and secondary output. It is programmable and provides reliable and robust power sources for precision RF circuits. The unit can be equipped with a variety of innovative features and advanced connectivity options which ensures maximum performance and reliability in challenging RF applications. The control panel includes built-in indicators which allow for simple regulation with a minimum of user input. The display module includes adjustment knobs to facilitate manual adjustment of output voltage and current parameters, while LEDs provide instant visual feedback when changes are made. The unit also features a power limiting function which prevents overexcitement or overload of the device, while a thermal overload protection feature ensures optimal operation of the power supply. Additionally, SRN 2 is equipped with an integrated EMI filter which ensures the environment is effectively shielded from RF. The power supply takes the form of a compact, rugged enclosure, making it ideal for mobile applications such as RFID readers and remote sensing systems. The overall design allows for easy installation and setup, and the device is highly reliable, efficient and durable. TRAZAR SRN 2 can be used to bridge the gap between high-voltage AC mains and systems which require a wide range of voltages to operate effectively. It combines low output voltage ripple and good dynamic performance with high efficiency and low cost. The unit is also designed to be highly reliable, allowing for a longer period of peak performance in demanding environments. In conclusion, SRN 2 is a power supply intended for reliable and versatile operation in advanced RF applications. It features a wide range of programmable outputs and advanced safety features, while its elegant and robust design ensures dependability and long term reliability. This power supply is an ideal choice for a wide range of applications where high performance is required.
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