ID: 9165266
Dual DC power supply.
TTI / THURLBY THANDAR INSTRUMENTS CPX200 is a high-performance programmable DC power supply that provides reliable, repeatable, and accurate power to a wide range of electronic device testing and production applications. It features a maximum output power of 200 W, adjustable output ranges from 0 to 30 V, constant power operation for dissipating up to 400 W across a range of voltages and current, programmable voltage and current programming in 0.1 V, 1 mA increments and an independent control of dual outputs. TTI CPX200 is ideal for applications requiring high voltage, high current, and high power output. THURLBY THANDAR INSTRUMENTS CPX200 has a wide range of programmable operating modes, enabling the user to generate a variety of test signals and operating sequences. It can be used in applications such as process control, electronic product design, and test solutions. Its fast response time and high accuracy of voltage and current readings makes it a great instrument for measuring DC parameters. Included with CPX200 is a sophisticated 3-dimensional display, which helps the user to make quick and accurate decisions. The built-in four-digit led display, programmable output button, and protection circuitry help to quickly and accurately adjust the output settings. A wide range of data transfer options, including IEEE 485, SCPI, and RS232, allows for easy communication with computers. TTI / THURLBY THANDAR INSTRUMENTS CPX200 is designed for flexible operation, to conform to whatever needs the user has, whether it is for testing, production, or research. Its extended maintenance intervals and certifications from major safety standards make it suited for long-term use, with performance that remains reliable and constant over time. TTI CPX200 is designed for heavy-duty applications. It has a robust metal housing and EMC filters, which protect the instrument from electromagnetic interference and other environmental factors. Its active cooling fan and thermal protection system ensure the safety and reliability of operation. THURLBY THANDAR INSTRUMENTS CPX200 is an easy-to-use and reliable instrument that offers superior performance. It is suited for professional applications in fields such as test and measurement, laboratory, manufacturing, and research. With its adjustable output ranges, independent dual-output control, and high-accuracy voltage and current readings, CPX200 is an ideal programmable DC power supply for a wide range of electronic device testing and production applications.
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