Used ULVAC AMC-1AR #9158280 for sale

ID: 9158280
RF Auto-matching controllers.
ULVAC AMC-1AR is a multi-channel programmable DC power supply which provides features suitable for a wide range of applications. This unit is compact and lightweight while offering high accuracy, high resolution and low power ripple. It is suitable for use in laboratories, production line and test systems. AMC-1AR is equipped with a Monoblock output, and it can support up to 10 channels for current and voltage regulation. It provides both analog and digital control. Operating mode selection and setting can be done on the display, while parameter programming is performed from a PC can be done with the built-in RS-232C serial port. ULVAC AMC-1AR can support up to 0 ~ 15V and 0 ~ 10A. It also offers an adjustable output power of 0 ~ 200W. The power supply is capable of precision voltage/current setting (1mV/0.1mA) with low errors (less than 2 and 5 mV/ma) and a low power ripple (less than 2 and 1 mV/ma). Constant power (mode: CP) and constant voltage (mode: CV) are available in this power supply. AMC-1AR has programmable functions which give users the flexibility to configure it for different application needs. Key functions available include; storage and recall of preset output conditions, setting and reading back of output values, ramp control, inhibit control, overvoltage protection, programmable output alarm and monitoring feedback. The unit comes with PC control software which comes with graphical interfaces and data logging features. The PC software also has capability for programming and monitoring many channels at the same time. The handy function keys on the unit LCD display are large and offer easy menu navigation. This power supply features a safety ground terminal to protect you from shocks and misoperations. Overall, ULVAC AMC-1AR is a flexible and reliable programmable DC power supply which offers accuracy, precision and low power ripple. It is suitable for many applications such as laboratory experiments, production line, test and measurement systems.
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