Used ULVAC AMC-6D #9158279 for sale

ID: 9158279
RF Matching controller.
ULVAC AMC-6D is a high performance, low-voltage power supply that provides options for a variety of uses. It has a voltage output range of 0.3 - 6V and a maximum current of 30A. AMC-6D is capable of controlling two independent voltages at the same time with simultaneous regulation, allowing for reliable operation and a better work efficiency. Its electronic design features switching electronics, which makes it very efficient in terms of power usage. This is possible due to the self-blocking and buck/boost converters, which ensure excellent saturation characteristics and an outstanding peak current output capability. This meets the requirements of even the most demanding applications. ULVAC AMC-6D also has an excellent capacity of heat dissipation with natural convection. A die-cast aluminum body and a large cooling surface provide the necessary insulation and improved overall performance. Thus, the product is ideal for a wide variety of industries requiring low-voltage power supplies. The device is protected against over current, over temperature, and wrong polarity connections. This reduces the risk of damages to the system and also helps to retain the operational stability. Furthermore, the product has an intuitive operating panel for convenient users and easy access to common settings during the operation. To ensure reliable performance, AMC-6D has built-in EMC protection that meets the most stringent FCC and CE standards. The device is built with quality components and materials that guarantee a long service life. It is also RoHS-compliant, meaning it comes free from harmful materials. In conclusion, ULVAC AMC-6D is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. Its high power capability, superior cooling system, easy operation, and user-friendly interface make this power supply a reliable and sustainable choice for low-voltage power supplies.
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