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ULVAC AMC-8L is a highly efficient and reliable power supply designed for various industrial and medical applications. AMC-8L is a 3-phase AC to AC power supply with a maximum output of 1000 VAC. Its output voltage range is adjustable from zero to 1000V, and the maximum output current is 8Amps. The unit has an efficiency rating of 88.9%, which ensures a low operating cost and robust performance. ULVAC AMC-8L is equipped with basic protection functions such as Output Overload, Output Regulation and Over Voltage Protection. It also includes a Current Limit, Input Over Voltage Protection, Temperature monitoring, Fan control and AC line regulator. The unit is capable of providing error log records that show all the events that have occurred during normal operation and can be downloaded to a computer for easy troubleshooting. AMC-8L has high-quality components, and excellent thermal performance which ensures long-term reliability. It features an IP44 rating for dust and moisture resistance, and a corrosion-resistant stainless steel case. The unit helps to reduce emissions with its low noise design. All the components are monitored by ULVAC AMC-8L power monitor software for maximum peace of mind. The software offers remote monitoring capabilities and offer real-time data display of temperature, current, voltage and power consumption. The software also allows the user to control the supply parameters via a user-friendly graphic interface. Overall, AMC-8L is a versatile, reliable and highly efficient AC to AC power supply. It is suitable for a variety of industrial and medical applications due to its excellent thermal performance and high-quality components. The user can ensure maximum peace of mind with the Monitoring and Controlling software and the protective functions. It is designed to reduce emissions and saving energy with its low noise design and high efficiency rating of 88.9%.
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