Used ULVAC DCL-1000 #9157929 for sale

ID: 9157929
Vintage: 2002
DC Power supplies 2002 vintage.
ULVAC DCL-1000 is a high performance power supply equipment designed for use in industrial applications. This power supply system is capable of delivering up to 1000 watts of DC regulated power with precise accuracy and stability. Its advanced design ensures clean, reliable output at any voltage from 0 to +30V. It is capable of adjustable current limiting and over-current protection. It features a digital display to show real-time output parameters on the go. DCL-1000 is constructed with a powerful linear power supply driver, allowing for efficient and stable operation in a variety of working conditions. An advanced microprocessor based digital control circuit allows for accurate precision output and regulation to meet a wide range of needs. The unit is equipped with various protection features, such as over-voltage, over-temperature and over-current protections, ensuring safety and reliable performance at all times. ULVAC DCL-1000 also features powerful remote operating capability for easy and convenient monitoring and adjustment. With an optional remote operating cable and software, users can program and control the power supply from an external device, eliminating the need for manual operation at the power supply installation site. DCL-1000 is designed to meet the challenging demands for high precision power supply needs. To ensure reliable performance and maximum efficiency, it is constructed with high quality components, such as robust heat sinks and corrosion resistant surface mount potentiometers. Its compact size also makes it easy to install and integrate into any environment without sacrificing performance. For full protection and convenience, ULVAC DCL-1000 also comes with a three year warranty to give peace of mind and keep the machine working efficiently for many years to come. With its reliable performance and advanced features, DCL-1000 is the perfect choice for any industrial power supply need.
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