Used ULVAC HPK-15ZI-S1 #9105651 for sale

ID: 9105651
DC Power Supplies.
ULVAC HPK-15ZI-S1 is a compact high performance power supply designed for use in high-voltage electronic circuits and applications. It is a regulated series output, variable voltage and current, DC power supply with an output voltage of 0-15V and a maximum current of 1A. The power supply is compatible with AC input voltage of 100V-120V or 200V-240V (selectable). It has advanced Digital signal processor (DSP) and microprocessor based regulation, allowing high accuracy, low ripple, and precise control. HPK-15ZI-S1 has features including high accuracy, low noise, remote circuitry control, intelligent protection, and alarm protection. The power supply requires no extra accessories to be connected and no additional external power cables or accessories. Its front panel has a LCD display, on/off switch, a rotary knob for voltage, a digital control knobs for voltage and current adjustments, Over-current protection (OCP) and a low voltage buzzer & indicator. It also has two analog inputs of 4-20mA, which can be used for monitoring purposes. ULVAC HPK-15ZI-S1 is available in several configurations, including options for an external cooling fan and an analog output. HPK-15ZI-S1 offers excellent stability and temperature coefficient, with stability of 0.01%/10V at 0-50°C and a temperature coefficient of 0.01%/°C. Its high current output has very low noise and ripple, with a maximum current noise of 1mV RMS. Its over-voltage, over-current and overload protections guarantee reliable operation as well. The power supply is also equipped with a protection circuitry monitor for display of output status. Overall, ULVAC HPK-15ZI-S1 is an optimal power solution for reliable and accurate power supply to a variety of electronic devices and applications. It is built to the DIN 44432 standard for power supplies and is also designed to meet UL and FCC standards for use in commercial and industrial applications. This power supply is simple to install and offers maximum output current of 1A, compliant to IEC 61010-1 standard requirements, making it a reliable and convenient choice for a wide range of applications.
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