Used ULVAC HPK-15ZI-S1 #9157936 for sale

ID: 9157936
Vintage: 2003
DC Power supplies 2003 vintage.
ULVAC HPK-15ZI-S1 is a 15kW high power DC power supply offering precision high-speed power adjustment. It is designed to work with a wide variety of applications and operational environments and provides outstanding performance and accuracy in the control of a range of processes. It is suitable to be used in laboratories, research environments, and production settings. This power supply offers an extremely wide range of output voltage from 0V to 600V and an output current range of 0A to 80A. HPK-15ZI-S1 uses advanced power electronics to ensure a high degree of precision and guaranties the most accurate results. When in operation, the power supply has a voltage stability of less than 2 mV, a current stability of less than 10 mA, and a maximum ripple of 7 mVpp. It also features an internal auto calibration function that helps to keep output and regulation levels consistent over time. ULVAC HPK-15ZI-S1 is equipped with a built-in display for easy on-site operational control as well as external interfaces, such as analog input and output ports, enabling remote monitoring and control. Through these interfaces, the power supply can be connected to any equipment or instrumentation, reducing time and complexity when setting parameters. An internal memory also allows custom settings and functions to be saved and recalled with ease. HPK-15ZI-S1 is designed to provide exceptional reliability, and features overvoltage, overcurrent, and overheating protection. Absolute safety is guaranteed by additional thermal sensors, safety shutters, and easy-to-use warning systems. The unit is constructed with quality materials and is designed for prolonged use in both indoor and outdoor settings. In order to ensure the utmost reliability, ULVAC HPK-15ZI-S1 comes with built-in self-testing and diagnostic functions that enable operators to easily detect any issues. For added comfort, the power supply can be controlled via a personal computer or mobile device with a special software or app. HPK-15ZI-S1 is compliant with CE, UL, and RoHS standards and comes with a detailed user guide and a 2-year limited manufacturer warranty.
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