Used ULVAC MBX-05EA2 #9106610 for sale

ID: 9106610
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ULVAC MBX-05EA2 is a compact direct-current power supply designed to provide a reliable source of high voltage power for electrode processes. It features a unique, adjustable variable load current mode, allowing the user to adjust the current output according to the requirements of the application. This allows for the precise adjustment of a process, thus optimizing the quality of the product. MBX-05EA2 is designed to allow for smooth adjustment of power output in order to avoid any over-current load conditions. This is achieved by controlling the output current which is proportional to the input voltage. The variable output current range is 0 to 5A so allowing for a wide range of applications in processing and precision machining. The output voltage range is 0 to 80V. The device also features a voltage sweep output mode where the output voltage is stepped between two end points. The power supply is equipped with easy to read display and controls allowing for ease of use. It features a 7.5 inch monitor with LCD display offering perfect power viewing. For enhanced safety, the device is supplied with over-voltage, over-current and overload protection. This helps avoid any critical and hazardous operations. The power supply also includes other safety features such as thermal overload protection and input polarity safeguards. Moreover, it has a built-in remote control capability allowing for convenient operation. The power supply is also shock proof and electro-magnetic compatible, ensuring smooth operation in high-voltage electricity environment. ULVAC MBX-05EA2 is an ideal power supply for processes such as etching, cutting and polishing of metal parts. It is a perfect alternative to conventional source of high voltage power, offering superior performance. The device is available in various sizes, so it can be mounted in a variety of application spaces. The power supply is CE approved, ensuring its quality and reliability.
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