Used ULVAC MBX-13150L #9402657 for sale

ID: 9402657
Vintage: 2009
Match box 2009 vintage.
ULVAC MBX-13150L is a power supply designed for a wide array of uses. It is an inverter type power supply that delivers up to 150A of DC output current at either 13V or 15V. Its features make it suitable for many applications, including industrial, automotive, and medical. MBX-13150L is built with user safety in mind. It uses a hybrid technology whereby it is a combination AC/DC and DC/DC inverter. This changes input voltage to DC output voltage effectively and safely, in most cases without the need for a full-wave rectifier or additional transformer. ULVAC MBX-13150L power supply also has several control functions, including current limit, over-voltage protection, current balance, and a built-in timer. These safety and operational features help to maintain the system's performance, and make sure that it operates as efficiently as possible. MBX-13150L is one of the most compact power supplies available. Its compact design and size makes it practical for a range of applications where space is at a premium. It has efficiency of up to 96% to minimize power losses, as well as low effective resistance for high-durability, low electric noise, and high stability. The design of ULVAC MBX-13150L also includes integrated short-circuit protection and noise attenuation of up to 80dB. These features prevent any accidental damage to the power supply, or the equipment being powered. This makes MBX-13150L highly reliable, even in challenging conditions. The power supply is also protected by a durable resin enclosure, which is designed to withstand corrosive or humid environments. In addition, this enclosure helps to protect the internal components from excessive heat, dust, and other contaminants that can harm the product over time. ULVAC MBX-13150L also has a built-in fan that helps to keep the system cool, allowing it to operate to its full potential. The fan is controlled electronically, meaning that it only runs when needed, saving energy and extending the product's life. Overall, MBX-13150L is a power supply that is designed to be highly durable and reliable, while also offering high performance and efficiency. Its compact design makes it ideal for a range of applications, and its extensive safety features help to protect the system and its components.
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