Used ULVAC MBX-13200F #9053469 for sale

ID: 9053469
RF match box.
ULVAC MBX-13200F is a power supply designed for a range of industrial and laboratory applications, offering users reliable and precise power for a variety of operations. This power supply can provide power to a load with a maximum input voltage of up to 200V and a maximum current output of up to 13200A. MBX-13200F has a built-in digital display so users can easily monitor the amount of current being supplied as well as the input voltage, giving users full control of their power supply. ULVAC MBX-13200F utilizes a highly efficient, low-ripple, soft start feature. This feature helps reduce power consumption while also giving a smooth transition from no current, to full current. This eliminates large inrush current caused by other power supplies. It also helps to ensure that all components in the system are not damaged by a hard start or too sudden an increase in current. An over-voltage protection is also integrated into MBX-13200F, so users can be assured of a safe operation. The power supply has a wide range of output voltage capabilities, ranging from 0-50V to 0-200V. It also allows for adjustable output current, from 30A to 13200A. This makes ULVAC MBX-13200F suitable for a wide variety of applications and operating loads. MBX-13200F is designed for versatility and durability, with features such as a built-in fan to dissipate heat quickly and protect internal components. This helps to ensure consistent performance and long-term, reliable power output. In addition, the unit is also equipped with a circuit breaker for improved safety. Overall, ULVAC MBX-13200F is a reliable, efficient and durable power supply that is suitable for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Its adjustable output voltage and current, efficient features and over-voltage protection make it an ideal choice for users that require quality power for their operations.
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