Used ULVAC MBX-13200F #9402658 for sale

ID: 9402658
Vintage: 2010
RF Match box 2010 vintage.
ULVAC MBX-13200F is a powerful, high-precision and regulated power supply developed by ULVAC, an international manufacturer of industrial-level electronics. Its tech-friendly design allows for easy setup, operation and configuration. With a wide, constant voltage and current output range of 0-13200V/0-20A, MBX-13200F guarantees precision, as it provides 0.02% of accuracy. Its regulation device and proprietary parallel operation technology facilitates power supply capacity and allows for complex processes such as multi-step and modulated boosting. ULVAC MBX-13200F uses an internal power protection function, which initiates the protection when current and voltage exceed the safety threshold values, protecting the device from any damage. Its design also includes a microprocessor-controlled current clamp, which characteristics such as overshoot or ringing are eliminated, resulting in high precision and better quality of the power output. MBX-13200F is capable of providing high-accuracy, stable criteria over a wide range of conditions, allowing it to easily handle a variety of complex processes. Its tech-friendly design features a user-friendly touch screen display with which, users can control the functions and options easily and accurately. The power supply is also designed to remain in standby mode, whenever it is not used, as it operates at low power consumption and helps to reduce energy costs. In addition, its low acoustic noise feature makes it extremely suitable for medical and laboratory purposes, as it does not disturb sound and avoids headaches and noise disturbance. Finally, it is designed to solve difficult problems without any additional preparation and its easy integration ensures simple and efficient operation. ULVAC MBX-13200F is versatile, reliable, and provides excellent performance and accuracy, making it a top choice for industrial applications.
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