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ID: 9158275
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ULVAC MBX-27200L is a high-performance AC power supply designed to meet the demanding requirements of many industrial, academic, and medical applications. With its high-quality design and superior reliability, this AC power supply is a reliable source of power for a variety of applications. MBX-27200L is a current-limited, linear DC power supply with an output of 0 to 27200 volts and zero to 30 amperes. The high-precision output voltage and current regulation ensures a steady and consistent power delivery. It also features built-in protection against over-voltage and over-current conditions, allowing for safe operation. Additionally, the device is equipped with an independent connection for remote ON/OFF control and constant voltage/constant current selection. The device features analog and digital display with LED indicating present status and adjustable output. It supports both feed-forward and remote sensing capability, allowing for greater flexibility and accuracy in controlling the output. The power supply is enclosed in a robust aluminum housing, making it resistant to shocks, vibration, and corrosion. It has an optional fan for cooling under extended operating environments. ULVAC MBX-27200L is designed to operate safely and efficiently at temperatures up to 40°C and has built-in thermal protection to protect sensitive components in higher temperature ranges. The device is designed with low power consumption to reduce running costs and minimize environmental impact. Further, it is equipped with an integrated monitoring system for remote monitoring and data acquisition. MBX-27200L is a powerful and reliable power source for a variety of applications, including automated control systems, research laboratories and more. With its robust design and reliable performance, this AC power supply is the ideal choice for demanding requirements.
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