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ULVAC MBX-27400F is a high-performance, low-noise power supply designed for use in high-performance electronics. It features a wide voltage range of 160V to 400V, adjustable fan speed control, a low-noise design, and a 400mA current output. The power supply has an auto-reset feature which allows it to automatically reset itself if the output voltage drops below the threshold. It has a built-in over-voltage protection circuit which prevents any output voltage spikes from damaging the connected equipment. It's also equipped with a detachable power cord for easy connection to any device. MBX-27400F is designed for automated operations with a touch-sensitive LCD control interface, allowing users to easily configure the power supply and receive real-time status reports. The unit includes both analog and digital displays, along with a software-compatible RS232 port for easy integration with system control software. ULVAC MBX-27400F features a temperature-controlled cooling system which helps to regulate the temperature of the power supply, preventing overheating and maintaining optimum performance. The power supply also features reverse-polarity protection, short-circuit protection, and a self-test function which can analyze system performance and alert users to any potential problems. MBX-27400F is a highly reliable and efficient power supply, perfect for powering sensitive electronics such as test instruments, research equipment, and industrial machinery. It has a long life span with its durable components and advanced technology making it a reliable and cost-efficient power supply option. ULVAC MBX-27400F is a robust and reliable power supply, delivering a clean and reliable power source. It is suited for use in a variety of applications, including laboratory and industrial environment, as it is capable of withstanding a wide range of harsh conditions. The unit is also safe, with its over-voltage and short-circuit protection, and its self-test functions. This makes MBX-27400F the perfect solution for applications that demand high-performance reliability and power supplies that are reliable, safe, and efficient.
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