Used ULVAC MBX-50A #9158273 for sale

ID: 9158273
Matching box, 5 kw.
ULVAC MBX-50A is a high-performance DC power supply designed to provide high-precision and accurate power delivery. It is specifically designed for small-scale industrial laboratories and manufacturing applications. The power supply features a built-in digital display to monitor the output current, voltage, power, and total number of power cycles. It offers a wide range of operating output (6-50 V, 0-50A) with a high output current of up to 50A. MBX-50A has a built-in over-current protection function that prevents electrical damage due to excessive output current and ensures safety during usage. This function also prevents any further operation in the case of unexpected over-currents. The wide range of output voltage and current allows the unit to generate power for different types of applications. Additionally, the digital display screen helps you to precisely set and monitor output voltage, current, and power levels. ULVAC MBX-50A is a low noise power supply, with an audible noise level of less than 40dB when operating in audible noise mode. The unit also features a built-in cooling fan that helps to keep the electronic components at an optimum temperature. It is constructed in a metal casing that provides protection against damage, dust, and dirt. The power supply is highly reliable, with a long lifetime of up to 100000 hours. MBX-50A is an affordable and powerful power supply. The control panel is easy to operate and provides precise control over output parameters. It is also highly efficient and power-saving, with an efficiency of up to 92%. It is also equipped with a wide range of safety features such as over-voltage, short circuit, and over-temperature protection, making it an ideal choice for reliable and accurate power delivery.
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