Used ULVAC MDL-1501 #9158129 for sale

ID: 9158129
DC Power supply.
ULVAC MDL-1501 is a high power switching mode regulated power supply designed for a variety of industrial applications. It has a maximum output of fifteen hundred watts and is equipped with a dynamic current limit to safely meet the load requirements. It offers precise voltage and current regulation and low noise operation with excellent line and load transient response. The power supply comes with an LCD panel that displays the output voltages, current, power, input voltage, frequency, internal protection and monitoring functions. The LCD panel has a operation mode selection button that enables the user to select between the Constant Voltage (CV) and Constant Current (CC) operating mode. There are also remote interfaces with analog and digital communications on the rear panel that allow for operation and monitoring of the power supply. The DC output of the power supply uses a modular design utilizing a field-replaceable group of output PCBs. Each board has its own digital power processor to control the voltage and current output independently. This design allows for flexibility and allows the user to fine tune the DC output for a variety of applications. The power supply has advanced protection and safety features including over voltage, over current, short circuit, and over temperature. It also has a magnetic shielding that meets FCC Class B EMI compliance and can be used in industrial areas without risk of generating electrical noise. MDL-1501 is an advanced switching mode regulated power supply designed for industrial applications. Its advanced features include precise voltage and current regulation, low noise operation, magnetic shielding for EMI compliance, dynamic current limit and a variety of output protection features that ensure safe operation. Its digital power processor design allows for flexible customization of the DC output to meet the needs of a variety of applications. It provides a reliable and efficient source of DC power with advanced protection features.
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