Used ULVAC RFS-02CA #9158381 for sale

ID: 9158381
RF Generators.
ULVAC RFS-02CA is a power supply designed for clean room applications. It offers high precision and stability, designed to provide an input voltage range of 85-250VAC at full power output. Additionally, the power supply has a high level of noise filtering, ensuring that the output ripple is less than 1% of the maximum output voltage. RFS-02CA is a high frequency power supply, able to deliver up to 1250 watts of power output. It also features a wide operating temperature range, from -10°C to +50°C, enabling it to be used in a variety of different working environments. The power supply has a nominal output voltage of 20V and delivers constant current with a resolution of 0.1%. The power supply has a high efficiency rate of 92%, minimising power loss during operation. Additionally, it is resistant to short-circuiting, overload protection, and over-voltage protection. It also has built-in thermal protection which cuts off the power in the event of overheating. ULVAC RFS-02CA features a built-in frequency-domain filter, able to filter out low-frequency noise which could otherwise cause interference. This allows the power output to remain stable and consistent. Additionally, the power supply is easily serviceable and comes with an optional remote monitoring system, allowing users to monitor and control the power supply's status remotely. RFS-02CA is suitable for use in a range of applications, including semiconductor, photovoltaic, LED, medical, and clean room applications. It is also designed with an extra slim size and low weight, making it easy to transport and install. The power supply is also designed to be shock and vibration-resistant, allowing it to withstand more rigorous application.
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