Used ULVAC RFS-1310A #9158270 for sale

ID: 9158270
Vintage: 2008
RF Power supplies 2008 vintage.
ULVAC RFS-1310A is a programmable, high-performance regulated power supply. With advanced ripple and noise suppression and repeatability of 0.01%, this power supply is an ideal choice for precision power delivery. RFS-1310A power supply has an output range of 0 to 13.1 VDC, with up to 10 Amps of output current and a precision of ±0.05%. This regulation ensures uniform, reliable power delivery with minimal ripple, reducing the risk of artifacts in the power supply line. With the power factor correction, ULVAC RFS-1310A maximizes the power transfer and minimizes the power losses. The power supply also features three operating modes. The conventional mode allows for low output impedance and operation current optimization, while the tracking mode allows for the output voltage to follow the voltage of the reference output. Finally, the program mode provides functionality similar to the tracking mode, while providing additional features like voltage and current switching. RFS-1310A also has a variety of protection features. The built-in over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection ensure the long-term reliability of the unit. Additionally, the power supply features short circuit protection, ensuring continued protection even when current is sourced from a short. This power supply has a user-friendly control panel with a two line LCD screen. The intuitive menu allows you to enter parameters directly, switch between different operating modes, and monitor output characteristics including current, voltage, and resistance. Finally, the programmable ULVAC RFS-1310A power supply comes with our unique plug-and-play functionality, allowing you to quickly set up and configure the unit for any situation. With the included library of preset programs, creating custom power profiles has never been easier. In conclusion, RFS-1310A is a sophisticated and feature-rich power supply that is ideal for any precision-driven power delivery application. Its advanced features, such as current and voltage monitoring, and its programmable potential, make ULVAC RFS-1310A an optimal choice for achieving reliable, accurate power management.
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