Used ULVAC RFS-1310A3 #9158138 for sale

ID: 9158138
RF Power supplies.
ULVAC RFS-1310A3 is a power supply unit that is designed for applications such as research, active laser maintenance, and laser development. It offers a wide range of voltage and current control and monitoring capabilities, making it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. RFS-1310A3 uses a new SPF-K (Switching Power Factor Controller) that is designed to create a better transient response and higher power density. This design helps to reduce the input current and minimize output noise. It also features a static PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit to ensure that power is delivered accurately with greater efficiency. ULVAC RFS-1310A3 also offers comprehensive protection measures including over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature protection to ensure safe operation. This protection helps protect against disruption in the event of a sudden surge in input power or thermal conditions. Additionally, an analog input allows external monitoring of the current and voltage to ensure that the unit is within safe parameters at all times. The unit also features a microprocessor-based digital control system that allows precise power delivery and monitoring. This system can be programmed to deliver either DC voltage, AC voltage, current, or wattage, and can even be combined to create pulse mode power delivery. RFS-1310A3 power supply also offers a 0.1% ripple accuracy for more precise operation. ULVAC RFS-1310A3 unit is designed for use in research and engineering laboratories such as those found in universities, government laboratories, and other training facilities. It is also suitable for medical research and applications such as cryogenics and laser maintenance. RFS-1310A3 power supply offers a reliable, efficient, and long-lasting performance for these applications.
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