Used ULVAC RFS-1310L #9158137 for sale

ID: 9158137
RF Power supply.
ULVAC RFS-1310L is a high-accuracy precision power supply designed for use in industrial applications. It is a highly reliable unit that features wide range of output voltage and output current control capabilities. RFS-1310L offers both constant voltage and constant current modes with a voltage range of 0-1300V and a current range of 0-1A. The unit's voltage regulation is ±0.03% and its current regulation is ±0.15%. Its voltage and current stability is impressive, particularly when operating at low output levels - offering a voltage and current stabilization of 0.01% or better. For operation, ULVAC RFS-1310L utilizes a three-phase power good trigger relay to facilitate remote control and inhibit operation. It features both digital and analog I/O for easy communication and monitoring with other equipment. Its simple user interface has five push-button switches as well as a 3-digit LED display for voltage and current monitoring. In terms of safety features, RFS-1310L is designed to comply with safety standards such as UL, CSA, TUV, EN, and VDE. It includes safety protection functions including over temperature protection and voltage and current limits. It also features over-voltage and under-voltage protection to help prevent damage to connected equipment. Additionally, the unit features an automatic warm-up time to reduce the risk of outrushes due to sudden high loads. Overall, ULVAC RFS-1310L is a reliable, highly accurate, and feature-rich precision power supply ideal for laboratory or industry use. With its wide range of output voltage and output current regulation, impressive power quality, advanced protection functions, and simple user interface, it is a top choice for many applications.
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