Used ULVAC RFS-2710H #9158269 for sale

ID: 9158269
Vintage: 2003
RF Power supply 2003 vintage.
ULVAC RFS-2710H is an advanced power supply designed to provide reliable and stable DC power with a high degree of precision for a variety of applications. It features an isolated output stage, adjustable voltage and current limiting, and a wide output range of 0.2 V to 27.0 V with a maximum current of 10 A. RFS-2710H has an output ripple of less than 2 mV, features a wide 20 Hz to 400 kHz low-noise switching frequency range, and offers an excellent load and line regulation. It has a low noise design with a variable-speed cooling fan that ensures quiet operation while maintaining optimal temperature and efficient cooling. The power supply is constructed with advanced components and features superior flexibility and ease of use. The built-in LCD display allows users to monitor output voltage, current and other parameters in real time, while the built-in microcontroller monitors and adjusts the output voltage automatically to ensure a consistent level of output. The power supply also includes a voltage ramp function to allow users to adjust the output voltage linearly from 0 to a finite amount as the load changes. The power supply also features constant voltage and constant current modes to provide a smooth transition between load levels and is equipped with a remote sensing port to compensate for voltage drops over long cables. ULVAC RFS-2710H is designed for a variety of industrial, scientific, medical, and research applications and is compliant with the relevant safety standards. It is an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and precise power supply with a wide range of features.
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