Used ULVAC RFS-27400F #9158134 for sale

ID: 9158134
RF Power supplies.
ULVAC RFS-27400F is a high power supply designed to provide reliable and controlled power for high temperature applications. The unit features an output voltage of 400V, and a maximum current output of 27 amperes. It has a high power factor of 0.99 and a low ripple of 0.01%. In addition, this power supply features over voltage protection, over current protection, and short-circuit protection to ensure optimal performance. RFS-27400F is designed with convenient built-in features to simplify user operations. It has a built-in output voltage selector and can be easily set up for either AC or DC output. Also, the power supply features adjustable soft start and over-current protection settings. The unit has a low starting voltage of <0.8V, allowing for quick start-up and reliable operation. The power supply is constructed using durable modern components, such as high-strength microwire ferrite and aluminum(Oxide) which feature a high-temperature durability. Furthermore, the inner components are hermetically sealed to protect against dust and moisture. ULVAC RFS-27400F is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from 0°C to +41°C. This is great for operating in high temperature areas where fan-cooling is not feasible. The unit features a built-in V/I curve tracer and can store up to 8 sets of operating conditions for easy reference. Furthermore, real-time monitoring is provided through two LED indicators, which allow for quick fault identification. For safety, RFS-27400F offers a ground cable earthing terminal as well as integrated inter-lock protection kits for added security. ULVAC RFS-27400F is an excellent choice for users looking for high power supply performance even in harsh environments. Its reliable performance and adjustable settings make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from high-end industrial equipment to electronics. It is suitable for those looking for a high-powered and reliable power supply system.
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