Used VARIAN E19008670 #9163092 for sale

ID: 9163092
Power supply P/N: 00452211.
VARIAN E19008670 is a power supply used for various applications including medical, industrial and research fields. It provides a reliable voltage and current source to precision systems used in analytical analysis and medical imaging. E19008670 power supply offers two isolated outputs of 12VDC and adjustable 0.1VDC to 12VDC. It has high power factor operation with a wide frequency range and built-in protection against short-circuit and overload. It is designed to extend reliable and safe power in harsh and unpredictable loads. VARIAN E19008670 can be regulated remotely via USB or Ethernet connection and can stream data over remote Internet connections which make it user-friendly and intuitive. E19008670 has an operating range of 0-70 ℃ and a power efficiency rate of up to 90%. It is CE certified, meeting the EMC Directive 89/336/ EEC and CE Marking Directive 93/68/EEC for the European market. It also features a rugged enclosure which is protected against dust and water spray and provides optimized grounding for performance in medical applications. VARIAN E19008670 utilizes advanced IGBT inner loop current sensing and voltage sensing technologies that ensure stable output in all conditions. It has excellent transient response performance, fast dynamic response and wide operating temperature range even with large current load. This makes it suitable for applications such as CAT or MRI scanning, medical imaging and laboratory equipment in hazardous and noise sensitive environments. E19008670 is optimized for low power consumption and is designed to protect against spikes and interference in the mains supply. It has adjustable voltage and current settings and automatic voltage selection for flexibility and easy control. It is also UL 508 approved and has a three year warranty, making it a reliable and cost-effective solution for a range of applications.
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