Used WELLER WES 51 #9179612 for sale

WES 51
ID: 9179612
Power unit.
WELLER WES 51 is a powerful soldering station which provides adjustable power from 5 to 50 Watts; allowing for multiple applications from delicate surface-mount devices to large, heavy-duty components. It can be used on a wide range of materials, including electronics, plumbing, woodwork, and jewelry. WES 51 features a comfortable handle for easy use, chisel tip, lifespan heater, and balance control mechanism. WELLER WES 51 operates with an adjustable power joule output from 5 to 50 watts to offer a wide range of operating temperatures for delicate workpieces, while the gold-plated handle maintains heat resistance and provides comfortable grip. The intuitive temperature controller leads to a consistent temperature output regardless of the level of current. For improved stability, WES 51 balances the output by monitoring the hot tip, heater, and trigger current. It also has a precise thermal feedback loop which enables consistent temperature control when soldering. To reduce the risk of heat transfer during soldering, WELLER WES 51 has an efficient thermal design. The chisel tip is made of high-grade copper brazing material to reduce tip wear and prolong its life. It also has a lifespan heater which ensures prolonged use and minimizes the need for costly repairs or component replacements. This advanced soldering station is equipped with temperature lock feature which helps to maintain temperature stability when constantly working with the same settings. For added safety, WES 51 is constructed with a secure iron stand that holds the soldering iron and prevents accidental tip contact. Additionally, this soldering station meets strict safety standards for fire and electrical safety, making it safe for use in any environment. Overall, WELLER WES 51 offers reliable performance combined with efficient design that leads to improved workmanship and productivity. It has an adjustable power setting which suits a variety of tasks, a comfortable grip, and secure metal stand for added safety. It is suitable for both professional and hobbyist use, making it an ideal choice for any job.
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